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More on the NSA and AT&T

I’m not a tech guy, so good thing metulj broke it down:

Holy smokes. AT&T sold out its peering links, so any data transmitted over the backbone for THE ENTIRE USA, no matter the ISP, was owned by NSA using Narus Technologies’ STA surveillance platform. So, it didn’t matter that Qwest or some others didn’t assent to the NSA spying, it was just a matter of falling back to the wide open door that AT&T had provided on the whole backbone.

6 Responses to “More on the NSA and AT&T”

  1. metulj Says:

    I feel so safe.

  2. Marc Says:

    What, I needed another reason to hate AT&T? Their telemarketing antics were enough already.

  3. persimmon Says:

    Is this NSA stuff now too complicated for people to understand, or is everyone just too scared to speak now that it’s clear the Bush administration is listening? You can’t even hear crickets chirping on the NSA threads this week.

  4. Standard Mischief Says:

    It’s not too complcated. However, this I remember coming out a few months ago, same as the telaphone records thingy. It’s being reissued now to block that critter from getting that job.

    Besides, I think people are getting “outrage fatigue”.

    I’m still pissed, but I also know we can’t fix this mearly by pulling the lever for the D’s this time around.

    I also know that that no amount of congressonal-critter hearings^H^H^H^H dog-and-pony shows is going to fix this.

    Let’s hope that little foil packets of bribe money in the freezer does not distract everyone.

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. This is merely interesting claims, so I’ve some attached compelling proof. (replace “hxxp” with “http”)

    April 08, 2006


    Wednesday, April 12, 2006


    The fact that AT&T and the NSA has been monitoring all information is frightening. What is more frightening is the fact that this has been a news item for nearly a week and a half and has not covered by one large media outlet. PERIOD. What does that tell you about your media ?”)

    Want more? do a date range search on google:

    “at&t” backbone|peering NSA daterange:2453492-2453857

  6. persimmon Says:

    You can go back further than April. USA Today did a better version of their recent story in February, but it didn’t cause much stir. It seems like as long as the allegations are broad and attributed to unnamed officials, people are happy to chime in with easy partisan reactions, whether condemnation or dismissal. Now that it has become clear that there are whistleblowers and documents and legal filings, however, there is not much discussion.

    Maybe it’s not that people are scared or confused. Maybe it’s just that we are a nation divided by party affiliation, and when the focus gets too clear and sharp, most of us recoil at the ugliness. The national stadium has gone silent because of an injury on the field. Do we want the perp ejected and the players to play a cleaner game, or do we just want to get back to shouting and watching the scoreboard?

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