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CCW Numbers

Some numbers on the % of folks with CCW info by state:

7.45% South Dakota
6.79% Indiana
6.76% Pennsylvania
5.23% Connecticut
5.12% Washington
4.34% Idaho
4.10% Utah
3.86% Oregon
3.45% Tennessee
3.15% Alabama
2.72% Florida
2.71% Kentucky
2.67% Wyoming
2.41% Maine
2.18% Arkansas
2.11% Virginia
1.94% West Virginia
1.76% Arizona
1.75% Oklahoma
1.70% Montana
1.70% Michigan
1.62% Texas
1.39% South Carolina
1.34% North Dakota
1.00% North Carolina
0.86% Mississippi
0.62% Louisiana
0.58% Nevada
0.45% Minnesota
0.36% Missouri
0.33% Ohio
0.20% Colorado
0.17% New Mexico

There’s more there.

7 Responses to “CCW Numbers”

  1. Xrlq Says:

    Connecticut sticks out like a comfortable thumb, but I suspect that may be because of their weird laws that make it almost impossible to own a gun unless you have a CCW.

  2. Rick DeMent Says:

    Intresting, but it seems to me the more relivent metric is out of those people who have a CCW, how many actually carry a gun “most of the time”.

    I ask this becase I know a lot of people that have CCWs but never carry a gun other then for specific tasks. My dad has had one all his life and never carries. He got it when he had to make deposits of large sums of cash about every other week and never packed unless he was on a run.

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    The big question here is how accurate are these numbers. Every time I see estimates of Utah’s CCW permittees, they’re always significantly higher than what I saw just a few months earlier.

    Example: For the longest time I was using an estimated total of 60,000. Now sources say it’s above 70,000.

    I’d guess that the number of permittees nationwide is well over 4,000,000 by now.

  4. Nylarthotep Says:

    Heh. I love living in NH. They can’t even compile the record as to how many carry. Keeps the people in the state to the south of us nervous.

    I’ve been looking, but I haven’t really found any percentage carry for all states. I’d like to see stats on the “may” issue states as well.

  5. Phelps Says:

    I’m actually surprised that the number is so low in Texas. (Maybe the Katrina effect?) Of course, my perspective is skewed somewhat, since I live in the city with the thickest ZIP code CHL-wise (Mesquite).

  6. Billll Says:

    CCW costs about $300 in CO. You suppose there’s a correlation between cost and demand?

  7. OldeForce Says:

    Billll, The cost went up in CO as the number of applications went up – the CBI said they had to hire more people and/or work longer hours. I have one of the first issued in my county in 2003 after the law changed. (Had been turned down in 2000 – and told it was none of my “damned business” when I asked why. That individual, who told my neighbors I might go “Rambo” on them, no longer handles permit requests.). When I rec’d the kit and forms to complete, the price to apply had been crossed out and a higher one written in. When I called to make an appointment for photo and prints, I was given a higher cost. Which was higher again when I went in for the photo/prints! OT: Any one who has a carry permit should check the reciprocity of your state with others, then consider a Florida permit – right now theirs is okay in more states than, say, Colorado’s.