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9MM AR-15 done and range report

The UPS man arrived yesterday bearing presents. Enough presents to finish up the 9mm AR build. I received the Rock River Arms upper receiver from Steve at ADCO Firearms. And I must say hats off to Steve. I ordered this on Sunday night and it arrived on Wednesday. I figure he wasnít working Sunday, processed it Monday and turned it around in two days. Impressive. I was also impressed with their two day service for the magazine block. I’ve decided to name him El Nino. Here he is all dolled up:

And here he is next to Mr. Blasty for gratuitous gun porn err comparison purposes:

Got to Coal Creek this morning intent on putting him through his paces and he performed quite well. I fired 160 rounds of Winchester White Box ammo without any gun malfunction whatsoever. I was using 9mm AR magazines made by ProMag. This rifle is a real pleasure to shoot. Itís rather quiet compared to a 5.56Nato AR and has no recoil nor muzzle flip to speak of. Highly recommended.

Now, on to the actual range report. I get there and borrow a rest since I plan on sighting it in. Since it would be an indoor range gun, my plan was to sight it in at 10 yards with the EOTech and sight the irons in at 25. I switched on the EOTech and it didnít work. Odd, since it worked yesterday though I recall the reticle flashing to indicate low battery. I changed the battery and it still didnít work. That and the fact a job I thought Iíd landed falling through convinced me that fate was conspiring against me to ruin my day. And the irony of my Aimpoint v. EOTech deathmatch weighed on me. I had one of the guys from Coal Creek look at it and his conclusion was Thatís a busted EOTech. I groaned. He recommended I contact EOTech who has good customer service. He left the range. Then, it started working. Odd, I thought but I was there to shoot. So, I fired a few rounds that were low, which was expected since it came factory zeroed. Once I got it sighted in, two 10-round groups looked like this:

I was perfectly satisfied with that.

Then, I wanted to play and shoot standing. And the EOTech stopped working again. Groan. I removed the battery cover, checked contacts and was content it wouldnít work again. So, with open sights I was getting the same groups but they were about five inches lower than the point of aim, about what I expected. At 25 yards, it was about two to three inches low, again what I expected.

I decided to hit the EOTech button again, and it worked. I shot some more and, in the middle of squeezing a round, watched the reticle fade away very slowly. It stopped working again. That particular EOTech is less than two-years old and they come with a warranty. Itís an older model without the protective shield, which I figured was perfectly fine on a range gun. I have a call into customer service regarding how to proceed with fixing it. Iíll let you know how that goes.

Update: The EOTech is all better now. See here for how to fix.

14 Responses to “9MM AR-15 done and range report”

  1. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    Bastard. I’m still waiting on my lower parts kit. Granted, I decided to get the DPMS kit, since all my reading suggested that the DPMS hammer will work with both 9mm and standard uppers. And of course, I’m still waiting on the lower. Oly’s lead machinist was sick for like a week and they built up a huge backlog.

    BTW, what mag block did you end up going with?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I used the Rock River mag block.

  3. Cowboy Blob Says:

    Sweet! I’m considering the flip-up/Eotech combo for an AR build, but it’ll be in .223. My RRA 9AR can accomodate it, but I like the add-on carrying handle/Trijicon Reflex for the added weight (it doesn’t have a muzzle brake).

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  5. SayUncle Says:

    The EOTech is all better now. See here for how to fix.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Blob, highly recommend them, so much so I have 2.

  7. Marc Says:

    Nice look to El Nino (or El Nine-o?). I like the apperance of that shorty fore-end. Nice shooting too.

    Heads up on the Winchester White Box 147 grain 9mm ammo, It didn’t feed in my rifle worth a damn, four bolt-over-round feeding malfunctions while trying to shoot ten rounds over the chrono is a bit too many.

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