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Shot Show News

Though it’s lacking in photos, Defense Review has some quick hits from the SHOT Show. Colt is making a gas piston type of rifle, which I assume is an AR-15. The new EOTech’s will come with a throw lever mount and have been raised a bit.

And, my personal favorite piece of sex, is the new Elcan Specter Dr. It is a 1x combat optic that changes to 4x at the push of a button (more like flick of a switch but damn fast). It also has built in back up iron sights. Here’s their demo on how it works. Sweet! DefRev reports this things will go for about $1,450, which is way, way steep.

One Response to “Shot Show News”

  1. Marc Says:

    Looked at the demo before I finished reading your post. Man I thought that was cool. Then I finished your post and thought “dang it’d better be cool and load magazines too at that price”.

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