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Breed Specific Legislation and Dog Shows

Aunt B.:

Ferocious Pit Bull Kills Everyone at the Westminster

Oh, wait, no.

He won Best in Show. Too bad breed specific legislation will keep him out of Denver.

Heh. Mark my words, this breed is about to hit the shitter. The worst thing for any breed of dog is to be popular. Bull Terriers have their history in dog fighting (in fact, most say that’s where the American Pit Bull Terrier gets its dog aggression as it is thought to be the result of breeding bull terriers with English bulldogs – the real kind of English bulldogs and not those squatty freaks of nature we call English bulldogs today). Expect increases in dog bites reported from this breed, an increase in rescue dogs of this kind, and an increase in price.

BTW, I’m not one for dog shows based on appearance. I don’t really think breeding based on appearance is good for breeds of dog. In fact, it’s usually quite bad for the breed as a whole (look at English Bulldogs if you want to know why). But, I don’t mind dog competition. I’m more an Iron Dog sort of guy myself.

Winner of the Iron Dog: Did protection work, competed in hardest hit, ran a 50 yd dash, pulled 50 times its body weight, was airborne for 20 minutes hanging on to a 2X4 with its teeth, had a tug of war with a comparable dog, and ended with a nice 12 mile run.

Winner of Westminster: Looked pretty, got brushed.

3 Responses to “Breed Specific Legislation and Dog Shows”

  1. tgirsch Says:

    Err, wait a minute, I thought it was a bull terrier (i.e., not American Pit/Staffordshire, i.e. Spuds McKenzie) that won Westminster. I didn’t realize Spuds was on the “vicious dog” hate-list.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Yes, they’ve been targeted. Where do you think the bull terrier in american pit bull terrier comes from? And the bully breeds all share ancestry.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Yea, and the sloped sculptured rear end that is preferred for German Shepherd dogs makes their hip weak. Thanks a lot breeders. It’s a German Shepard dog. Judge it on performance, not looks.

    Max von Stephanitz was breeding a working dog.

    (although if you can breed ’em so they are not German Shedding Dogs, let me know.)

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