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The Gun Guys Completely Lose It

I keep seeing various links to The Gun Guys, which is just an anti-gun blog where they claim to be straight shooters but are probably one of the Brady’s many websites. How straight exactly? Well, like this:

A sobering story in the Guardian Unlimited illustrates very clearly how nonexistent the line is between “responsible gun owners” and criminals.


But the truth is that there aren’t “good” and “bad” gun owners– there’s just gun owners. And they don’t “defend” or “attack”– they shoot. They kill. That’s why guns are such a problem in this country, because people are taught by the NRA to believe that some guns can do “good” work, that they can defend families and households. But they don’t. They destroy families. They crush households, and then end lives over and over again, every day of every week.

And the NRA is viewed as extremist? The Gun Guys have lost their tiny little minds.

Update: Now that I think about it, not even the Bradies are that stupid. They probably believe that but aren’t stupid enough to admit it. I wonder if the Gun Guys are run by pro-gun folks to make anti-gunners look even dumber and more hysterical than they are?

8 Responses to “The Gun Guys Completely Lose It”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    If I had run across that on my own, I would have sworn it was a parody site.

    “tiny little minds” indeed.

  2. Yosemite Sam Says:

    Funny, I thought the NRA taught that guns were simply inanimate objects that have neither good nor bad qualities. It is the person who wields them that makes good or bad things happen.

  3. cube Says:

    no comments, their domain was register by proxy…yea a little odd.

  4. Xrlq Says:

    I just hate it when people end my life over and over again.

  5. Kristopher Says:

    I still wonder where my firearms collection keeps hiding all the bodies…..

  6. CarlS Says:

    I keep hearing and reading about anti-gun “extremists” who blame the weapon instead of the criminal, who say that firearms cause crime, that firearms kill, ad infinitum. Then, I remember being taught that there is no deadly weapon; there is only a deadly person, that anything, anything can be a weapon. And for the life of me, in years of carrying and using weapons, I can’t, not once, recall any instance where a gun stood on its’ hind legs and threatened me. Today, I found Kristopher’s quote “I still wonder where my firearms collection keeps hiding all the bodies….. “, which, when you think about it, truly makes the point – firearms are inanimate objects and can’t do anything by themselves.

  7. David Codrea Says:

    Gun Guy “Mike Magnum” has been around for years–my first experience with him was when he attacked GunTruths, one of the early 2A websites me and some friends put together.


    No–they are not run by stealth “pro-gun folks”–the evidence is pretty strong he is a Chicago-based comedian/voice artist/satirist named Go…but then, as much as I disagree with him and think he’s a subversive puke, I respect the right of someone to be an anonymous blogger…:-)

  8. Standard Mischief Says:

    I fully realize I’m an atypical blog reader/blogger/commenter, but do pages like this really matter? I’m turned off by any blog that doesn’t encourage feedback/comments from a diverse set of views.

    I fully understand anti-spam measures, but any blog that holds comment submissions until they are “blessed” ends up being A: dull, because the lag time seems to strangle the flow of conversation, and B: an echo chamber. You never hear why Nancy Pelosi’s trashing of Tom DeLay is an extra heaping helping of hypocrisy, because the blogger simply has no spine and won’t allow opposing viewpoints. Say Uncle has his share of opposing viewpoints, (although a few more would be a good thing), people who can write intelligent critique in the comments are a bloggers best friend.

    Besides the spam, I can understand the blogger editing or removing non-productive, name calling, merely hateful rants.

    The blog in question, as has already been pointed out, doesn’t even pretend to allow comments (which is at least a bit more honest than those spineless out there that pretend to) so it gets immediately crossed off the “interesting reads” list for me.

    But I worry that at least 9 out of 10 blog readers never comment. I even wonder if those type of readers even read the comments. Comments are the absolute best part about blogs.

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