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Quote of the day

Buck on the movie Jarhead:

My wife said it was probably the single worst movie she has ever seen. You can chalk that up to constant profanity and about 30 seconds of sex scenes. (My wife is not used to 30 seconds of sex. To her that would be a marathon)

6 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. ben Says:

    I didn’t care for it much either.

  2. justin Says:

    A movie about war…with no war in it. Also, from reading the amazon reviews of the book it is based on the author is full of shit.

  3. David Codrea Says:

    Ollie North panned it:

  4. ben Says:

    Thanks David, that was a very good read. I agree completely with North’s sentiments about the movie, and, actually, everything else in the piece.

  5. Chris Wage Says:

    Heh, right. Ol’ Ollie is a particularly reliable reviewer of war movies. After all, if there was a hint of negativity, that would be bad for business, right? Now let’s go sell some arms!

    Also, if Buck’s wife thinks this movie is something that qualifies as “constant profanity”, dear god, don’t let her see “The Aristocrats”.

    I reckon her head would explode.

  6. jkas Says:

    the book is fairly good actually. No interest in the movie however.