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From my cold, dead water dish

Seen at Ravenwood, in California they will restrict felons from owning dogs. This comes complete with registration, safe storage, waiting periods and the whole anti-gun wish list:

The Contra Costa County board of supervisors unanimously supported on Tuesday prohibiting convicted felons from owning any dog that is aggressive or weighs more than 20 pounds, making it all but certain the proposal will become law when it formally comes before the board for approval Nov. 15.

The proposal would also for the first time require people with dogs deemed potentially dangerous to apply for a permit to keep their dog and to abide by certain rules. Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier said his desire to do something about dangerous dogs was galvanized by the March 29 mauling of 11-year-old JaQuan Rice Jr., as the boy walked near his home in Concord.

We must do something, anything for appearance. Even if it’s the wrong thing.

One Response to “From my cold, dead water dish”

  1. ThePatheticEarthling Says:

    DeSaulnier is my Supervisor. And he’s more of an idiot that he sounds.

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