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ATF lies again

The ATF, apparently, makes the rules up as it goes along. A firearm R&D firm (who is properly licensed and is a special occupational taxpayer) has been charged with possession of a machine gun. The only problem is that, even though the ATF says so, IT IS NOT A MACHINE GUN:

Mr. Wrenn (a licensed firearms manufacturer, and SOT (Special occupational Taxpayer, meaning a license to make machineguns, etc) was charged with:

Posession of an machine gun- He had designed a semi automatic version of a Russion Maxim machine gun (Just like my comany’s BREN semi). They charged him stating it was a “machine gun” but, during testing it was found out the ATF made it up….It never would fire as a machinegun.

When that didn’t work they RE-indicted him for transfering a machine gun illegally- He designed a replacement part (upper receiver) that will only work in a “registered machine gun”. It was novel, and inovative (It turned a machine pistol into a belt fed beast that fired the same cartridge of the AK47). Heres the kicker….My company designed the near identical device. The ATF declared it as not even being a firearm, let alone a machine gun. OOPs!! They just figured that out, and boy are they pissed at me now as their very own paper work now very publicly contradicts itself. [What do you expect if the ATF doesn’t have a written testing procedure, let alone a scientific one].

The ATF in its infinite wisdom during the first indictment siezed all the parts for this newly designed replacement receiver. When the ATF RE-indicted they also charged Mr. Wrenn with interstate fraud for not delivering the devices (That the ATF had locked up in a vault a year ealier) Is that not convenient for the ATF charge the man for “illegally” transfering what devices he delivered and seizing the rest, wait awhile and…..Presto!! You just got nailed for NOT delivering the remainder.

There was a case a while back when they were claimed a weapon was a machine gun but it turns out it was just a defective, worn out part. They still tried to push it and actually took the defective piece out to test fire when the gun was basically unsafe and could fire out of battery. They still could not get to fire in fully automatic mode. An upper receiver, per the ATF’s own rules, isn’t really a gun any way. Much less a machine gun.

7 Responses to “ATF lies again”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    For registered machineguns, there are only three legal options. A registered gun (the sum of the parts), a registered receiver, and a registered sear. For unregistered machineguns they expand the definition to include any part from a machinegun, combined with it’s semi-automatic variant.

    For instance if you own a semi-auto AR-15 and buy the bolt from an M-16 instead of an AR-15, that’s considered possessing an unregistered machinegun. (assuming you don’t also legally own an M-16) Even though the bolt is not enough to make the gun fire in full-auto, just possessing the M-16 part in conjunction with a semi-auto gun that can use it is considered owning a machinegun.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, why the heck hasn’t our pro-gun prez executive-ordered a ATF smackdown? That’s what executive orders are for. And what about our “pro-gun” congress critters? De-fund or de-authorize or do something.

    I heard for the first time an old Texan political saying when Bush 2 had his first inauguration. It was “dance with who you came with”. I think we have been left out in the cold here.

    Fscking repub-o-crats.

  3. Publicola Says:

    If the previous case you’re talking about is the one the JPFO had a video of they did get the FAL in question to fire more than once with one trigger pull.

    The deal was though it’s only do it with a certain brand of ammo (Winchester if I recall) which has a more sensitive primer than the others they tried. They only loaded two rounds per mag & tried 3 or 4 different types of ammo. Only the one brand of ammo would produce doubling. When they stripped the rifle afterwards (not the ATFU guy – the firearms consultant who was called in for the defense) they found all sorts of worn parts, including a return spring that was disintegrating as they picked it up. What was happening was that the firing pin was not being held back as the bolt closed & with the more sensitive primers this caused slam fires. Still the ATFU jack ass insisted that it was a machine gun rather than a rifle in need of repair. What really got me was this occured in Charlotte. I leave for a few years & the ATFU invades my home. Bastards. Every one.

  4. AnalogKid Says:

    Ha, you ain’t seen nothin yet

  5. Resistance is futile! Says:

    Carnival of Cordite #37

    Welcome, readers, to our special 37th episode of the Carnival of Cordite! What’s so special about 37? Well, it’s probably just me… but I’ve really liked that number ever since Charlie Kerfeld, Houston Astros #37, asked for (and got!) $110,037.37,

  6. Tyler D. Says:

    When I become President I will disband the BATF.

  7. Tinkerty Tonk Says:

    RINO sightings

    Get out your binoculars and focus: The RINOs have been sighted.

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