Terror disarmed?

The IRA has disarmed (and had some nice hardware, apparently). Or maybe not.

3 Responses to “Terror disarmed?”

  1. Ravenwood says:

    Only “1 or 2” .50 caliber sniper rifles? I thought those were a top choice among terrorists, because they could down an airplane from 4 miles away and shoot through schools?

  2. Mark says:

    In NI the 50 cal was apparently used mostly to give the troops ‘the fear’. It was never used at the kind of distances that a 50 cal is capable of achieving, a .30 or .22 cal could have served just as well.

  3. robert says:

    They got political power out of the barrel of a gun. How likely do you think it actually is that they will give up all their guns?
    Yeah. Me either.