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Interesting is one word

Unconstitutional would be another:

[ “anticipatory” search warrants] anticipate the defendant doing something in the future . . . and essentially find that, while there is no probable cause right now, upon the defendant’s doing the anticipated action, there will be probable cause in the future, so let the warrant issue now, to be executed only after the anticipated act. The minor problem is that the Fourth Amendment clearly says “no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause.”

I don’t think that’s a minor problem. I think the problem is that someone thinks this is 1) a good idea and 2) not unconstitutional. So, where’s the division of future crime? I want my minority report.

One Response to “Interesting is one word”

  1. Tom Dempster Says:

    If you think this is a problem you should read about Bush’s latest stupidity. Federalization of ‘National Emergencies’. He wants to allow the federal government to send the U.S. Military to respond to theses ’emergencies’ without the Governor(s) of the state(s) permission. He also wants to reverse Posse Comatitus(disallows law enforcement by the U.S. Military. Can anyone spell Police State???

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