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No-knock 101

So, ATF Director Carl Truscott spoke at a college and the ATF is taking credit for the decline in gun crime. No, really:

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau Director Carl Truscott said his department is a major reason behind the all-time lows in the nation’s crime rate, a factor he attributes in part to successful relationship-building.

Truscott, who spoke Wednesday to Penn’s Criminology students, joined the ATF Bureau last year after earning numerous awards in 22 years of employment with the U.S. Secret Service.

“The mission of the ATF is to prevent terrorism, reduce violent crime and protect the public,” he said.

And to only occasionally engage in those acts itself, apparently. Like that time dozens burned to death for not paying a tax. Or that time they lied and said that a gun was a machine gun when it was really just a semi-auto with an old worn out disconnector and the gun could have fired out of battery and unnecessarily killed someone. Oh, and someone videotaped that.

Truscott firmly believes that the organization has played a crucial role in firearm regulation, which he said has put gun violence and homicide rates at a 30-year low.

Insert your own comment after that one.

The ATF has been working in New Orleans to recover guns that were looted from gun stores in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Have they looked in Eddie Compass’ basement?

2 Responses to “No-knock 101”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    Heh. That’s pretty laughable. Up until the post-9-11 government realignment, the ATF was an arm of the Treasury department.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    “The mission of the ATF is to prevent terrorism, reduce violent crime and protect the public,”

    What happened to collecting taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms?

    Oh yea, the whole “War on Terror”.(Which was preceded by the “War on Unapproved Churches” I suppose?) So a tax collecting agency has now transformed itself into a bunch of jackbooted, pet stomping FBI rejects?

    Bonus: old joke

    Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. Cool party, who’s bringing the chips?