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So long

This just in from Jay, Eddie Compass of the NO police department has resigned. No mention in the article of the gun confiscation thing. Xrlq in comments:

Damn, I was hoping he would stay on just long enough to have to explain why he just gave back the guns he never confiscated in the first place.

I wonder if Compass, like Brown, will serve as a consultant for NO?

3 Responses to “So long”

  1. StandardMischief » Blog Archive » New Orleans Restraining Order Says:

    […] Update! – Leader of New Orleans Police Resigns via Say Uncle […]

  2. robert Says:

    Good. He was a brutal, stupid, dangerous tyrannical bureaucrat who exploited and demeaned the postition whose authority he corrupted. He’s lucky not to have been shot.

  3. Bob Says:

    There’s an old line about not letting the door hit you in the ass on the way out; in his case that should be about making sure he’s all way into the cell or we will be happy to let the cell door knock his ass the rest of the way in.

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