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Famous people are dull

There’s this new blog started by failed California gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington (you know, conservative last week, liberal this week) called The Huffington Post. I figured it’d be some decent (though hysterical) reading given the leftist sort-of-Hollywood make up of the blog. Turns out, it’s just boring. I mean excruciatingly so. It’s like Wonkette boring but without the butt sex references.

I saw John Cusack was blogging there. He seems (based on his outstanding acting ability) to be an interesting guy. I’m sad to report that he, in fact, is not.

Update: Nikki Finke agrees. It blows.

Update 2: A look at the numbers.

Wizbang has a round up.

2 Responses to “Famous people are dull”

  1. cube Says:

    “I couldn’t read through the wreck of something that looked like a tabloid, claimed to be a blog, and read like Wonkette without the anal sex jokes and killer rack.”

    compared against….

    “Itís like Wonkette boring but without the butt sex references.”

    odd. Very odd.

    I am in now way accusing you of plagerizing, i just think it is odd\intresting that two people came up with the same comparision.

    That blog must really be just like both of these people said it was.

  2. Michael Parekh Says:

    I especially don’t like the fact that you can’t search for the celeb posts…also, they seem to have turned comments off in the blog portion.