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Concealed Carry v. Handgun Carry

In Tennessee, we have handgun carry permits and not concealed carry permits thanks to the TFA. And here’s why:

Landers’ coat was not entirely zipped up that day, and when the wind blew it open, a Dedham Police officer across the street zoomed in and noticed the gun. Upon request by the officer, Landers produced a valid five-year license issued in 1995 to carry the gun. But the problem was, state law required that he keep the weapon concealed.

While the officer let Landers go without an arrest, the Adams Street resident soon after received notice from Dedham Police Chief Dennis Teehan that his Class A license to carry firearms had been revoked due to the incident.

In Tennessee, there is no requirement that a gun be concealed (though it is highly advisable that you do so) due to such an incident.

Up next, carry permits in Nebraska.

3 Responses to “Concealed Carry v. Handgun Carry”

  1. Thibodeaux Says:

    Do these places that require the gun to be concealed at all times make an exception for those times when you actually need to shoot somebody?

  2. DocB Says:

    Well, this is Mass, so who knows?

    Seriously though – here in TN, you can either carry open or concealed. Carrying open removes the element of surprise towards a criminal intent on doing harm – plus it gives them a clear target to neutralize first. Thats why its advisable to conceal when you carry.

    Not to mention carrying open draws unnessary attention to yourself making the public and cops nervous in today’s society. Its best to keep it concealed wherever possible.

  3. Nate Says:

    Try Virginia, where open carry has been legal for just shy of 400 years now. You can get a concealed permit, too, of course. (for the reasons mentioned above)