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Damn Taxes

Spent the last few days working on my taxes. Bastards. This year, we Tennesseans can deduct sales tax (which was particularly helpful since I bought a new ride this year) so the sting is slightly less than I thought it would be. Still, they’re bastards.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that April 15 is also buy a gun day for Schumer, Feinstein, The IRS, Michael Moore, ad infinitum. The point is to buy a gun because it annoys some people. So, plan accordingly.

CounterTop, noting Aaron is gone, has taken up the reigns to promote it.

2 Responses to “Damn Taxes”

  1. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    I’m expecting my refund to be in my account by Friday. Gunshow in Charlotte this weekend.

    Expect to have new WASR on Sunday. It’s early, but oh well. Maybe I’ll get myself something C&R in April.

  2. TFS Magnum Says:

    April 15th is “Buy a Gun Day”
    Be sure to pick something that will drive the gun banners crazy.