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Eminent Domain Round Up

A ban on Eminent Domain for redevelopment (you know, the illegal kind of Eminent Domain) has been delayed in Kentucky:

The ordinance, introduced by Commissioner Brian Strow, would have prohibited the city from condemning land for the purpose of turning it over to another private entity, such as a development company. The ongoing plan for the city’s ambitious downtown redevelopment specifically allows that use, citing potential economic development as a worthwhile public purpose.

Toxic waste and Eminent Domain seem to be the only things coming out of New Jersey these days.

Eminent Domain in California put on hold. Good.

2 Responses to “Eminent Domain Round Up”

  1. GMontag Says:

    Isn’t it more appropriate to call these cases “misuse of the takings clause”?

    I mean, if we are taking about the USA and the Constitution, rather than British Common Law.

  2. lobbygow Says:

    potential economic development as a worthwhile public purpose.

    I could literally shoot someone spouting this garbage. Economic development can be worthwile and communities have a major role in facilitating development. BUT… this is confiscation of private property for private use no matter how you slice it. “Potential” development? Puhleeze. The only people that are certain to get rich are the developers.

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