More of the sky is falling

The Saratogian:

Last week’s lapse of the 10-year federal ban on assault weapons is great news — for people who make and sell the weapons and for gangs and criminals who get a thrill out of military-style weapons.

Police, who are the usual target of such weapons, are not so happy.

Most cops I know think the ban was a bunch of crap. Additionally, cops are twice as likely to be shot by their own handgun than an assault weapon.

There is absolutely no reason on earth for those weapons to be legal anywhere in the United States.

The ban had nothing to do with allowing people to hunt or own handguns. Rather, it banned weapons that police don’t want on the streets. The International Association of Chiefs of Police, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers and the Fraternal Order of Police all wanted the ban to continue.

Are implying that these are machine guns? Otherwise these weapons are identical in function to any semi-automatic rifle.

This one is just a bunch of outright lies:

Thanks to the end of the U.S. ban on assault weapons, I now am legally able to own a “Street Sweeper” or a “Striker 12” revolving-cylinder semiautomatic shotgun.

Lie number one. Revolving cylinder shotguns are regulated as destructive devices and subject to the same regulation as machine guns.

The guns, as the Associated Press explained last week, are among 19 types of military-style assault weapons previously outlawed in the United States. No longer am I limited by law to 10 rounds — 10 shots at it worries me what — and I’m also allowed to own a firearm that has a bayonet mount.

Lie number two. The weapons were never outlawed, just prevented from manufacture. The ban also did not affect military-style assault weapons. The ban only impacted semi-automatic guns (one shot per pull of the trigger) that looked like military-style assault weapons.

Let Gary Brown know he’s full of it.

The push for renewal is upon us.

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