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Craig has abandoned his effort at repealing the DC gun ban, for now:

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry E. Craig announced yesterday that he has abandoned a bid to seek a repeal of D.C. gun laws in a Senate committee, and Senate GOP leaders indicated that they did not have time to get bogged down in a debate over gun limits in the weeks before Congress adjourns for the fall elections.

Craig dropped his effort as opponents of the proposed repeal, including parents of District residents killed by gunfire, lobbied senators and held a news conference on Capitol Hill. A similar proposal has been introduced in the House and has more than enough co-sponsors to pass that chamber.

This quote caught my eye as well:

“If the U.S. Capitol can be handgun-free, why can’t we?” asked Hannah Hawkins, director of the Children of Mine Center, a youth services agency in Anacostia.

And how’s that working out for DC? Not good.

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