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My entry

Jay has started a contest. The rules are (assuming you align yourself with Democrats or Republicans) to act as a consultant for the party you’re not aligned with and tell them how to get elected.

I don’t align myself with a particular party, so here’s my advice to both of them:

Democrats: Find some issues. Their only issue these days seem to be look what Bush is doing and Republicans are mean or stupid or evil or incompetent or out to get you all. Not a big winner with most folks.

Oh, and stop backing stupid gun control laws. Even the Democrats Big Dog said: . . . there are some people who would be on this platform today who lost their seats in 1994 because they voted for the Brady Bill and they voted for the assault weapons ban, and they did it in areas where people could be frightened. The Bill of Rights isn’t optional.

Stop backing ludicrous politically correct tripe, such as the assertion that God can’t be mentioned anywhere. It has that strange Orwellian feeling to it.

And lose the Nanny To The Masses nonsense. We can’t afford it. You don’t know what’s good for me. It’s up to the government to protect me from others. I’ll protect me from me.

And point out real issues the Republicans have, like the ties to Saudi Oil and the colossal fiasco that is Homeland Security/Total Information Awareness (oh wait, most of you voted for it too). The issues aren’t Blood for Oil or UraniumGate or any other horse and pony show you can get the NYT/BBC to blather about. Find something important. Oh and talking up the downturn in the economy ain’t working because it was going on during your watch too and people know it. And babbling on about selected not elected makes you seem a bit nuts.

And catering to that NAACP bigot? What the hell!

And back some tax cuts. Hell, propose your own and target them toward the people you want to get them Tax cuts are always good.

Republicans: Remember when you were the party of small government? Some of us do. You’ve really shot that one in the ass. A new huge department and the largest federal register ever. Shame, shame.

Look at your current record on civil liberties: Homeland Security has that Nazi flavor to it. Jailing people without lawyers? Tsk, tsk. The Bill of Rights isn’t optional nor is it something that should be conveniently sidestepped.

Stop pandering to racists and religious zealots. And that whole Saudi Arabia connection thing needs to stop.

And your big boy is backing the assault weapons ban of 1994. This attitude that gun owners have no one else to vote for is appalling.

Get your spending under control. That was one thing you harped the other side for. I guess the party of smaller government is the one that isn’t in power.

Fire Ashcroft.

I figure that’s a good start.

2 Responses to “My entry”

  1. SK Bubba Says:

    So, your advice to Democrats is to be Republicans?


  2. SayUncle Says:

    It works for Bredesen πŸ™‚

    Actually, my advice to both is be more like libertarians πŸ™‚

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