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Registration leads to . . .

Ninth Circuit Upholds Preliminary Injunction Against Magazine Confiscation in California

This seems like a good thing.

4 Responses to “Registration leads to . . .”

  1. Hartley Says:

    Unfortunately, it’s probably not all that meaningful, as they’re gonna do an en banc and will probably reverse. It’s when it goes from there to the SC that matters.

  2. Ken in NH Says:

    I wonder if the panel decided they had to behave because if it is appealed, it will be Kavanaugh deciding on cert. My guess is that he’ll be a lot less likely to let the ninth make up law without SCOTUS review than Kennedy was.

  3. TS Says:

    Yeah, I get to stay out of jail (for now). Good thing indeed.

  4. mikee Says:

    So in California disassembled modern sporting rifles are supposedly not illegal. How about disassembled magazines?