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More on Kavanaugh

Seems good on the second amendment. The fourth? Not so much.

6 Responses to “More on Kavanaugh”

  1. Tam Says:

    I’d say that of the four short-listed finalists, I have the least beef with him

  2. Tirno Says:

    Well, in this dimension, Firefly was cancelled, there was no libertarian cowboy revolution, and Adam Baldwin isn’t President. So, we’re not as well off as we could be.

    But the glass has SOME water in it.

  3. MSG Grumpy Says:

    Since Brett Kavanaugh is considered a “safe” middle of the road pick…
    Let us consider for a moment what a “safe” pick could possibly do in the future…

    We will undoubtedly see the Loonie Left and the media (but I repeat myself) dial it up to infinity and beyond – saying that this nominee is not just bad, but will result in the end of the world as we know it. And through all of the hearings and all that the world will see, the Loonie Left will be seen as overplaying their hand and more importantly the American people will see them as the drama queens they are.

    Consider what happens IF…

    In a very short time, the American people are again treated to the left and the media going into absolute hysterics AGAIN, only this time instead of a “safe” pick we are treated to a died in the wool, originalist and first rate Liberty Lover? How much of the drama queens will the jaded American public put up with? But I predict that this will not only fail to slow down the left as they careen off the cliff. No, when they see public opinion start to turn against their clown car of silly, they will light it on fire and add megaphones and drones filming in high def as they descend towards their well deserved sploit at the bottom.

    But wait, there is more…what if?

    Instead of seeing this after a second Supreme Court nomination, if President Trump actually wins in 2020, we may very well see him pick one or even (gasp) two more for a total of FOUR Justices. Just the idea of that should be enough to spontaneously ignite and consume several of those precariously perched upon the twig of insanity on which they currently sway.

    Which is another happy reason for putting this postulation out among the interwebbies thingee (HeeHeeHee)

    MSG Grumpy

  4. Ron W Says:

    I had a short conversation with a doctor when I worked at a major medical center. We had a conversation about the RKBA and the rest of the Bill of Rights, of which I stayed that I supported all of them. He said, “well, it depends on how you interpret them”. I replied, “by the rules of English grammar”, which brought the conversation to an abrupt conclusion. That’s how judges should interpret “the Supreme Law of the Land” by which they are “to be bound thereby”. (Article VI, Section 2)

    As most all assert, Judge Cavanaugh says he “will be independent”. I would ask him or any judge or Justice, from what or from whom are you independent? It certainly is NOT independent of the Law!

  5. Drake Says:

    I think Trump gets this “safe” pick through with the slim majority in the Senate right now – and a couple of red-state Dems.

    When RBG is eventually declared dead, he’ll have a bigger majority (and McCain will be gone too), so he can pick a hardcore conservative.

  6. Ron W Says:

    @Drake, yes, probably a significant factor in his selection.