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Shotgun Noob part whatever: First range trip

Despite having a ton of accessories laying around the house for the Beretta 1301, I haven’t added any to the gun. I wanted to run it stock first. And believe me, the temptation to put all that stuff on was great. I even sat down to do it once and talked myself out of it. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this:

I snagged 500 rounds of Remington Gun Club low recoil shot shells from Lucky Gunner. This ammo is fun and suitable for the range and training but birdshot is not adequate for self defense.

I took it to the range planning on shooting 100 rounds through it. I managed 25 before a pop-up thunderstorm ruined that plan. I loaded it up and realized it had a plug in it limiting it to 2+1. I loaded 2 and racked the charging handle and it didn’t chamber a shell. The manual that came with the gun is not good. You can’t find the information you need because it’s buried in between all of the safety warnings nobody reads. So, to the YouTube. You actually need to load a round into the chamber. Ok, easy enough.

I fired the first shot into a small detention of the berm just to observe the pattern. It was tighter than I figured it would be. Then, I started shooting various “drills” for lack of a better word. Rapid fire 3 into one target. Rapid fire 3 into 3 targets. And so on. And the last few rounds, I’d fire into the berm at various distances to see the pattern. It was a hoot to shoot.

I tried my hand at the tacticool reloads but was not very successful.

I guess now I can start adding lights, lasers, tasers, phasers, and wind-speed indicators to it.

Granted, it was only 25 rounds but there were no malfunctions. Just operator error.

7 Responses to “Shotgun Noob part whatever: First range trip”

  1. Other Steve Says:

    Thad not tactical thatís gaming.

    Shotgun reload that takes your strong hand off of fire control is dumb and just for games.

  2. 1301 User Says:

    You can also press the rectangular “button” at the back of the lifter, then cycle the bolt; it will load a shell from the magazine tube as if you had pulled the trigger. If you dry fire while looking at the lifter toward the trigger guard end the part that moves is what you want to manually move.

  3. treefroggy Says:

    People have been killed with birdshot to the chest ; #9 and 3 Dram-EQ . Not saying it’s tactical , but a couple of shots to the legs or torso will end the attack . Also , ” I didn’t want to kill him ” comes into play .

  4. Lyle Says:

    Spending a few hours with a good shotgun and various targets, including aerial clays, is a nice way to spend some free time.

  5. Will Says:


    NO NO NO! Stop pushing this bullshit. Shooting to wound can put you in prison. Using lethal force after deciding that it is not warranted is a felony.

    Deliberately using birdshot against an attacker, when even buckshot is not a guaranteed stopper, is plain stupid. Inflicting pain is not very useful in a self-defense situation. Pissing off the person you shot may lead to a bad result for you. You need to rethink your concept of self-defense. Maybe put the gun away, and just stick with pepper spray, perhaps.

  6. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    And, don’t forget the cup holder.

  7. Roger V. Tranfaglia Says:

    Mr. Will…
    If someone is trying to KILL YOU….
    Pepper spray is NOT going to stop them.
    it just blinds them temporarely.

    Your welcome……………………….