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Gun control crowd: But gun owners should carry liability insurance

Also gun control crowd: NRA insurance illegal.

4 Responses to “Gun control crowd: But gun owners should carry liability insurance”

  1. Paul Koning Says:

    Skydivers know about this sort of scam. For some things you can’t get insurance, so a requirement to have the insurance is a malicious attempt to ban the thing outright while pretending not to.
    The fact that they are at the same time trying to ban NRA insurance makes it rather obvious.

  2. mikee Says:

    Sure, anad the non-gun-owners must carry insurance for their liability in failing to protect me when I’m with them. Not fair you say? Au contraire, both or neither.
    I’m going with neither, and so will the law.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    mikee, and if your luck runs like mine, I’d be involved with a non-insured non-gun owner. Sort of like your car being hit by someone with no license, no registration, no insurance.

  4. JTC Says:

    This should be good…