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Someone makes a good alternative to braces. And a dental trade group calls for regulation. Siccing the government on your competition is an act of desperation. Now, where can I get a good buggy whip?

6 Responses to “Cronyism”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    Aren’t gun stores who are supporting universal background checks doing the same thing?

  2. JTC Says:

    Market disruption is happening across the board from Trumpism to razors; change is desireable progress if the product or service being offered is superior to what existed before but the market will work that out.

    In the meantime though there’s nothing wrong with regulated professionals in a field saying that newcomers should have similar oversight and/or regulation.

  3. Lyle Says:

    All government degrades down to doing only three things;

    1. Leave you alone (progressively unlikely).
    2. Mess with you and/or take your stuff.
    3. Give you some form of largess from having messed with and/or taken the stuff of others.

    1, 2, and 3 are circles in a Venn diagram, which all overlap, but to different degrees depending the government’s interest in you and your stuff.

  4. Benjamin "Quirel" Warren Says:

    Gimme a second.

  5. Benjamin "Quirel" Warren Says:

    This is emergent technology? Fifteen years ago, I got my braces taken off, and they gave me these things to keep my teeth straight. One of my mom’s friends used these to reorient her teeth away from her tonsils, and that was back in the Nixon administration. But only now it’s a danger to the American public?

    Oh, right, you can get it done without waiting an hour in a dentist’s front office. We have to ban it. We have to find a reason to keep those good hard-working orthodontists in business. Um…

    Law-and-order, that’s why these things are bad! These are Ghost Dentists. Their dental work is unregistered and untraceable. Why, any murderer in America could buy a kit and alter his victims’ teeth! And if our labs can’t match the teeth to the dental records, how are we to identify the bodies? I tell you right now that the CLEAN TEETH Act is the only thing standing between us and a wave of trackless serial killers! Everyone in America should have their teeth on file.

    Remember, the best way to fight crime is to make it easy for the police to identify your corpse.

  6. mikee Says:

    Buggy Whips are still sold. Try Tractor Supply.