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Top 6 ways to poorly simulate automatic fire. Number one will blow your mind.

So, I did this post about it. And am republishing it again because a few things have happened. First, youtube deleted one of the videos. Second, Jerry Miculek happened. Third, I’m on vacation and want to rehash content. And fourth, the number turned out to be 6. So, here it is:

6) The bump stock. They’re all the rage on the internet right now:

5) The rubber band. The evils of common office supplies:

4) A bump board. Evil, evil carpentry materials:

3) Shoestrings. No video I can show because that has actually been ruled illegal by ATF. And I wouldn’t want to incriminate some poor guy. But here’s a legal one registered with ATF:

2) Using your fingers. Look, ma, no evil stocks, framing materials or office supplies needed:

1) Be Jerry Miculek:

And the click baity title is still a joke.

5 Responses to “Top 6 ways to poorly simulate automatic fire. Number one will blow your mind.”

  1. JTC Says:

    Top 5 crappy FA simulations.

    If you’re Mic, not only can you bust caps like a real MG, but you can do it more accurately. Totally not crappy.

  2. aerodawg Says:

    Ws about to say Mic is like full auto, only better….he can actually hit what he’s aiming for at that speed….

  3. Barf Says:

    Look out, fingers and belt loops are going to be banned next if bump stocks get the axe

  4. JTC Says:

    “I’m on vacation…”

    Again?? Man, if I wasn’t kinda retired, I’d hasfta get me one o’ them “saying dumb shit” gigs.

  5. Hartley Says:

    Leave it to Jerry to show ’em how it’s done.. He should have used an M1 Garand – THAT would have been extremely impressive!