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Top some number of ways to poorly simulate automatic fire. Number one will blow your mind.

The bump stock. They’re all the rage on the internet right now:

The rubber band. The evils of common office supplies:

A bump board. Evil, evil carpentry materials:

Shoestrings. No video I can show because that has actually been ruled illegal by ATF. And I wouldn’t want to incriminate some poor guy. But here’s a legal one registered with ATF:

Using your fingers. Look, ma, no evil stocks, framing materials or office supplies needed:

And there’s probably other ways that I am not familiar with. And the click baity title is a joke.

12 Responses to “Top some number of ways to poorly simulate automatic fire. Number one will blow your mind.”

  1. Magus Says:

    I was having one of those conversations in my head where I said to myself, “Self, they want to ban everything. They want to ban bump stocks when they don’t know what the hell one is, or how it works, or how easy bump fire is to do. Hell, they might as well ban intelligence.”

    And that’s when the thought struck me about the modern educational system and the over medication of, well, everyone.

    They are targeting “thinking” and have been for years.

  2. DBM Says:

    That’s why the NRA’s ‘recommendation’ chafes me so. Eventually the object of scorn will become the semi automatic firearm, IMO.

  3. ben Says:

    The quest for accuracy is complete

  4. nk Says:

    I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of “turning money into noise” in conversations lately. (Giving Uncle credit for the phrase as called for.)

  5. Seerak Says:

    While I always thought bump stocks would run afoul of NFA sooner or later, DBM is right. The nature of the autoloader is such that a semi-auto is always going to be thisclose to full auto. I can easily see the next big gun control step as limiting civilians to manual loaders. Maybe not now with the current administration, but post 2018, watch out.

  6. WallPhone Says:

    Here’s a classic, but I don’t know where you’d find a shirt that big.

  7. Geoff Says:

    Search YouTube for videos of Jerry Miculek speed shooting ARs and AKs. He is neck and neck with bump fire and almost as fast as a full auto AK47. With just his trigger finger.

  8. Anon Says:

    Jerry Miculek? Every picture I’ve ever seen of his wife, she’s got this big smile on her face….

  9. Josh Says:

    Here’s the thing: I get you’re point, but its REALLY crappy and self destructive argument.

    NRA: (The last 20 years): “No, no, no. A semi-auto rifle is NOT the same as a machine gun. Semi auto is one round at a time, not a bullet hose….”

    YOU: “Look, pretty much any semi-auto can be made to approximate automatic fire.”

    NRA: “DUDE!? WTF?”

    FEINSTEIN: “Ban them all. Look, here’s some video from Vegas for the prols to watch before the next election….”

    OTHER DEMS: “Gosh, since we’re debating a GUN BILL right now, here are 10 or 15 amendments to regulate other stuff…. We’ve got some handgun registration, magazine bans, sniper rifle registration, some gunshow loophole stuff, and some arsenal restrictions.”

    RINOS: “We’re with the Democrats (as usual)”

    NEVERTRUMPER REPUBS: “Oh boy, oh boy! This lets us force Trump to sign or veto a nasty bill that will lose him either middle of the road moderates or the gun enthusiasts! We’re totally gonna stick it to that guy! ”


    This situation is gun owners’ Kobayashi Maru. There are only bad choices. The least bad choice is the option selected by the NRA: Just have the ATF revisit their letters of approval of the devices, deem them NFA violations (which the technical guys on gun boards have been predicting would happen anyway), and deem the matter closed. Don’t let Congress near the topic of guns and opening up the US Code for a new gun bill.

    But if Congress is going to act, for god’s sake don’t say: “Well if you’re going to ban bump-stocks you’ll have to ban all semi-autos! NYEHHH!”

    Because the gun-banners will say: “Sounds good.”


  10. Michael Says:

    I shudder to think what this fool would have been able to do if he had the patience to simply track down a couple of FA FCGs.

  11. Sigivald Says:

    I shudder to think what this fool would have been able to do if he had the patience to simply track down a couple of FA FCGs.

    Not a lot more, I suspect.

    He was shooting for, what, half an hour?

    And killed 59 people; of the other hundreds injured we have no idea how many were shot vs. trampled.

    I don’t think his limiting factor was cyclic rate (equivalent).

  12. Phenicks Says:

    @ Sigivald
    He shot for 9-12 min. I wonder why he didn’t choose a medium caliber gun?

    If he was so hell bent on body count he would have used one of his planes and crashed the venue.

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