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That’s not retro. This is retro:

It is interesting how the general looks of ARs changes every five years or so. And what sorts of gizmos people slap on them.

5 Responses to “Retro”

  1. HL Says:

    Bro…I totes have an AR with an Comp M2, a DD Omega Rail, and a Grip Pod. Oldskool.

  2. Drake Says:

    When I was in the National Guard in the 2000’s, they still had some M16A1s in the armory. What a piece of shit. No forward assist, the barrel was like a piece of spaghetti, and no windage dial. To top it off, the Army was giving us 55gr ammo which didn’t work well with the old barrels, so they shot like crap.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    I built one so retro it’s got the cocking handle in the carry handle, off a NoDak Spud NDS-32 “prototype” upper and lower, so basically “the in-house AR-15 prototypes before they gave up on the weird AR-10 stuff”.

    (The new NDS-15 didn’t exist then … and I still don’t have “proper” furniture for it, but that’s okay.)

  4. McThag Says:

    Drake, if you didn’t have a forward assist, you didn’t have an M16A1. All of the R603 variations have it. The Air Force M16 (R604) didn’t have a forward assist, but everyone else’s did.

    The 55gr M193 ammunition is what the 1:12 rifled barrels were supposed to get, heavier bullets wouldn’t have made worn barrels shoot better.

    Worn out and beat to death doesn’t mean it started life as a piece of shit. But you can make a good rifle a POS in short order… Just hand it to a soldier, sailor, marine or airman. 😉 Oven cleaner removes carbon, and anodizing… watched two guys do it to their M16A2s. Expensive lesson for them.

  5. Dittybopper Says:

    That’s not old school. I shoot flintlocks. That’s old school.