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$1M is a lot to pay for a piece of junk no one will use

There is a supposed “smart holster” and its designers won $1M for the design. Yeah, voice commands and RFID will work 100% of the time, even in stressful situations. NYPD officials presided in the judging. Make them carry one of these blocks of fail.

Via Sebastian, who notes:

But that holster is dangerous. Because the person who designed it likely knows nothing about guns or gun safety. Ironic, dont you think?

5 Responses to “$1M is a lot to pay for a piece of junk no one will use”

  1. mbogo Says:

    The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association will fight any attempts to force their members to use these holsters.
    They don’t trust them to work any more than we regular folks do.

  2. Fred Says:

    You can take your SMART gun and shove it up your dumb ass.

  3. JFM Says:

    Let’s see, “The battery will last half a day if the gun is drawn 6 times a day.” Isn’t this another way of saying that the battery dies after the gun is drawn three times?

  4. Jay Eimer Says:

    I was just out practicing. Getting .7 sec reaction times on draws. My phone takes about 2 seconds to recognize my fingerprint and a vocal cord injury prevents it from EVER working with voice recognition for me. Somehow I don’t think this is viable in my case.

  5. Deaf Smith Says:

    Why don’t they just use a full flap holster and chamber empty carry. Might as well go low-tech.