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More on the Sig P320 drop issues

Sig has issued a voluntary trigger upgrade.

Meanwhile, heh.

4 Responses to “More on the Sig P320 drop issues”

  1. Brian P. Says:

    I’m still surprised how few people online and in the real world aren’t paying close attention to the fact that this failure occurs when the firearm is dropped in a manner that is outside of the national standard for safety testing. Technically, couldn’t every singe firearm on the market potentially fail in the same way? Why aren’t the people levying accusations of deceit or willful neglect against SIG going out and trying to replicate the “angled” test with any other gun? For a long time the NTSB only tested cars for direct front and side impacts. The first time they tested for an angled impact they found that the car under review failed miserably. But then they started testing every other car and found that most of them similarly failed. That lead to significant changes to the standards.

  2. Tam Says:

    That drop is included in the CA drop test standards, and it’s important that it is because in a polymer-framed pistol with a full mag, that’s likely how it’s going to hit the ground. (See Taurus Millennium class action suit.)

    The fact that the lockwork was redesigned for the MHS test guns to eliminate this suggests things.

  3. Jim Brack Says:

    The full testing of the Army MHS firearms wasn’t totally completed, does anyone know if the “drop test” was completed prior to the suspension of testing?

    The Sig would have surely failed the FBI drop tests unless they had upgraded their lockwork last year.


    A) Three pistols from each class will be selected for this test.
    i) Each of the pistols will be cleaned & lubricated per the Offeror’s recommended

    b) Each pistol will be loaded with a primed cartridge case in the chamber and a magazine
    filled to capacity with service cartridges (54227).

    c) The pistol will then be dropped from a height of 48 onto smooth concrete in the
    following manner:
    i) Muzzle down
    ii) Muzzle up
    iii) Sights down
    iv) Magazine down
    v) Right side down
    vi) Left side down

    Maybe, that was the reason Glock won the bid?

  4. Tam Says:

    The lockwork in the “Voluntary Upgrade” is the lockwork from the MHS guns.