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Pop the popcorn for all the gunternet speculation

Looks like ATF will be issuing two determinations. One involving angled forward grips and the other on modular suppressors.

9 Responses to “Pop the popcorn for all the gunternet speculation”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Vertical and angled fore grips are now being reviewed by the benevolent ATF? What the serious fuck???

  2. HL Says:

    Why are unelected bureaucrats deciding what is and isn’t law?

  3. emdfl Says:

    WTF is a “modular suppressor”?

  4. Miles Says:

    The Batboyz have long considered installing a vertical front grip on a pistol to be making an AOW (Any Other Weapon).
    And, probably by design, since it’s a catch-all of all catch-alls, there is no real statutory definition of an AOW, so a bureaucrap (no that’s not miss-spelled) gets to decide what is, or isn’t.

    Since an angled front grip isn’t vertical, ATF later decided that installing one of those was Kosher.

    The reason it’s become a ‘problem’ today, is the same as always; multiple people, for many reasons -some honorable, others suspect not so honorable- write determination letters and wind up making the Fedz feel like someone is trying to paint them into a corner.

    Just from experience, you try that out on a bureaucrapic SOB and you’ll get the smelly end of the “FU” regulation crammed right back up your nether regions.

    I’m not saying it’s right. I’m saying it’s what is.

  5. Miles Says:

    The “Maxim 9” pistol has an integral suppressor that comes apart in pieces. It has a center section that can be removed to make it shorter and easier to handle (and, of course, louder).

    The BotBoyz have ruled that any ‘part’ of a suppressor is- in and of itself- a suppressor!

    So, does shortening the Maxim’s suppressor wind up with the owner in possession of two, or even three suppressors, with only one registered?

  6. Lyle Says:

    Yawn. F-Troop is growing a little bit closer to irrelevance every day, and the more they try to push their Progressive vomit on us the closer that day comes.

    So I say bring it on, and “ban” everything. Violate the constitution harder, and flout every American principle, and see what happens.

    We’ve had more than enough of this already. There’s no room in a free society for a “bureau” of anything, or for most any of the “departments”. That’s what all the communist shithole countries do.

  7. JTC Says:

    Here’s a fucked up fact…the biggest suppressor (heh) of NORGLization of NFA stuff might not be dickless antis, lefty pols, or even “the bureau’s” job security…it might be “us”. Well not all of us…

    I’ve said before that affordable (i.e. normal) access to heretofore verboten hardware would be a substantial and sustaining boost to an industry suffering from what some call the gun glut or Trump slump, really just supply/demand of things to which access is artificially limited. Who wouldn’t want to put a muffler on all their noisy toys? More especially, who wouldn’t want a couple of auto fun guns properly muffled as well? Everybody would!

    But other than the control freaks mentioned who have been slowly beaten back for years but now find themselves in a theoretical climate of total emasculation?

    Well, guys who have amassed a collection of $500 squirtguns artificially valued at 5K-20K per and see them as an investment -and there are a LOT of them like that; they form million dollar fucking foundations and corporations to curate them and deal with all the hurdles which adds more fake “value”- would not relish the idea of their hard-gotten and dearly-bought rarities to be available for true cost to the riff-raff would they? And specialty custom engineering outfits would get killed if a good jobshop or even hobbyist with a unimat could produce the equal of those $500 silencers (of course that’s what they are; no need for code words when it’s just a tool attachment and not a fucking James Bond secret weapon) for 50 bucks. There is going to be some internal resistance to a free market -and reverse-lobbying; those foundations got esq’s- from those entities.

    Hmm. Sometimes freedom has odd and unanticipated consequences. But fuck all that, I want what I should have been able to have all along, and if somebody loses some money, well they shouldn’t have gotten caught up in the tulip craze and beanie baby madness. And they should never trust an oppressive gov as an investment partner.

  8. mikee Says:

    A possible solution to the invested interests of full-auto owners would be to maintain the current laws for all guns manufactured before 1986 (if I have that date correct). Then the collections remain hard to buy and valuable.

    Keep everything manufactured from 1987-2017 illegal to own in the US. Keeps gun grabbers happy! They’ve finally outlawed an entire class of weapons (that were already verboten)!

    Relax the laws on everything else starting January 01, 2018. Guns rights people are happy!

  9. JTC Says:

    mikee, so the solution for gov regulation and oppression is more gov regulation and oppression?

    Hardware that was banned ostensibly due to organized crime outgunning the popo presents no rhyme or reason for continued controls in a world where the Militarized Mayberry PD fields dozens or full auto squads.

    Not to mention with the most popular SA rifle platform in the world capable of the same ROF and in the hands of people like Miculek capable of much greater ROF, there is no justification at all, other than from the usual suspects I mentioned above…and collectors losing created rarity “value”.

    Fuck all of them and all of that.