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Registration leads to confiscation

The South African Gun Owners Association warns that gun owners who have not renewed their licenses on time will be raided:

SAGA has been advised that SAPS in the Western Cape will be conducting an operation aimed at gunowners who have failed, for whatever reason, to timeously renew their licence’s in respect of specific guns. It appears that SAPS teams will be conducting raids on targeted individuals mostly at their residences with a view to confiscating guns and ammunition. SAGA cannot at this stage speculate as to what SAPS intends to achieve by this action, nor what other steps may be taken by SAPS at the time of such visit.

2 Responses to “Registration leads to confiscation”

  1. Other Steve Says:

    They’re getting ready for a gov collapse / civil war. Or at the very least a little more ANC corruption.

  2. TedN Says:

    But they said nobody wants to take our guns.

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