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If they were smart, they wouldn’t be anti-gun

Gun controllers suck at math.

2 Responses to “If they were smart, they wouldn’t be anti-gun”

  1. Lyle Says:

    We must strive to understand the difference between intelligence and intent. If it were a choice between the two, wouldn’t you rather be faced with stupid evil, than with evil genius? Likewise; Iíd rather have idiots in Congress who were firmly committed to the tenets in the Declaration of Independence, and the constitution, than super geniuses who were opposed to those things.

    So it is that to highlight the stupidity of some of the evil people is rather missing the point. There are also some very smart, evil people, so what’s our argument against them? Hmm?

    Also; the far left controls education, energy, transportation, most of the media, much of communication, food and drugs, the medical industries, the banking system, the Federal Reserve, and etc., etc., etc., and we pay for all of it so they can fuck with us. What do we control? (crickets)

    Who, then, are the stupid ones? How many times do I have to make this point before we start to realize just what we’re up against? If a bunch of blithering, slobbering idiots, who don’t even know that 10 is greater than 6, have managed to take over most of everything important to our survival, and do it all at our expense, in often direct violation of the U.S. constitution, then how fucking dumb does that make us? Or are they really all that stupid on the left?

    In playing on the smart verses stupid meme, we are becoming more like the communists and the Eugenicists, who want the smart people in charge. Screw that. Iím not even going there. It is not brain power, but principles that define the man, for a simple, good man is always beneficial to those around him, whereas a smart, evil man is a detriment and a deadly threat.

    Iíve said itís a war of two alliances (and Iíll add that intelligence has exactly nothing to do with it), but who among us understands that?

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Fired 10 shots from a six shooter… musta been one of those magic movie guns!