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ATF wants money

Seen at Sebastian’s, they really try to pin fast and furious on lack of funding.

Also, Joe fixed it for you.

2 Responses to “ATF wants money”

  1. Cargosquid Says:


    When the commenters are all pro-gun in a San Francisco “paper”…..we are winning.

  2. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    This ties into that 1970s terrorist bomber I’m writing about right now. While the guy was a fugitive, DoJ and the State Department were trotting his case out for every excuse for more money. They had a full fingerprint card on the guy in 1956 from an Army enlistment, yet they did not catch him until 1986 when a cop recognized him from a wanted poster in a magazine.

    Added bonus, the prosecutor from that case said I will be viewed as a “fringe radical” for voicing complaints like this 🙂

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