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Every thing is an assault weapon

Pretty dumb assertion of gun control activist that an assault weapon let’s you fire 10 rounds in a minute gets taken down.

4 Responses to “Every thing is an assault weapon”

  1. Bob Barker Says:

    That also includes every handgun I can think of that takes metallic cartridges, certainly every revolver or semi-auto regardless of capacity. One could even rip through 10 rounds in under 60 seconds in a Double Tap, although you’d need a new wrist afterwards.

    Stoopid is as stoopid tweets!

  2. Dewight Says:

    I’ve seen a traditional muzzleloader, loaded from a powder horn fired 3 times in a minute.

  3. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    I’m pretty sure I can get 10 shots per min. out of my pump shotgun with an extended magazine.

  4. Skip Says:

    Keven B. shot my 686 so fast it sounded like one big blast.