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September 30, 2013

Layers of editorial oversight

This week, in the media on guns:

Machine gun found at JFK. Only not.

What is an “assault shotgun“? A sensationalized propaganda term, I guess.

Is it the same thing as a “law-enforcement-style shotgun“?

AR-15s in the news

How the media got everything wrong during the Navy Yard Shooting.

They get this one right: A study released Sept. 16 by the National Urban League and Mayors Against Guns . . . Heh.

But gun control will work

Viet Cong improvised handgun, from before the days of 3D printing.

Project Child Safe

Real gun safety for children, from the NSSF.

And yet, no one was fired

Guerena family gets $3.4M settlement. Gurena was shot when he mistook people breaking into his home who turned out to be police for people breaking into his home.

Oh, Canada

Even Canuckistan won’t sign the UN arms treaty.

Oh, that explains it

The bill in FL to make warning shots legal, is because of this

My new favorite term


ATF at work

A watchdog report shows they go a brain-damaged man to set up a gun store and make illegal sales.

Operation cigarette walker.

SAF sues NY over magazine limit

Details here

But you only need an arbitrary number of rounds in a magazine

So, if you had a NY legal 7 round magazine in your gun and your home is invaded by six people, you might be in trouble.

Gun Porn

AR-15 with wood furniture. Nice.

September 29, 2013

But competition doesn’t train you for real life

IDPA guys at the Kenyan Mall Shooting.

Cosmetic features

OK on dogs, not on guns.


Tucson gun laws no good according to AG

In Colorado

Still not listening

Not sure that’s a good idea

A bill in FL to make warning shots legal.

Federal prison

A look at who isn’t in them and who is.

Please fire me

Federal employee says his job and department shouldn’t exist.

Doesn’t fit the narrative

Wal Mart shooter chose victims by race. Obviously, a racist tea bagger . . . oh, wait.

News you can use

In case of government shutdown, NICS still works.

CDC: Defensive gun use common, mass shootings not

But but but 42 times

A man with a gun

Can make a difference

Gun Porn

Sig 226 Elite SAO

Muddy girl

Savage 10TR Law Enforcement Only

September 28, 2013

Well, good

Government shutdown likely

September 27, 2013

Been busy

So, no bloggy. TTYL.

September 25, 2013

John Kerry signs UN arms treaty

NRA has a statement.

The good news is that the treaty is “dead in the water” at the senate.

21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have

Nice. I was actually kicking around the idea of writing something like that. They pretty much nailed most of my list and added more. Though they did leave off:

Overly religious, preaching into your news feed friend

Hypochondriac friend

Social media, internet marketing friend. This person is the one who has like 67,000 friends but no one ever comments on their stuff. And they post useless things for you to like. Please like Bob’s Sugar Glider Barn. Why the hell would anyone like that?

Don’t drone me, bro

A UAV landed near a German politician. So, we must clearly start regulating drones.

NJ court says NJ can continue violating the FOPA

They can confiscate a weapon on your layover.

Return on investment