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John Kerry signs UN arms treaty

NRA has a statement.

The good news is that the treaty is “dead in the water” at the senate.

11 Responses to “John Kerry signs UN arms treaty”

  1. John A Says:

    And his next move will no doubt be to “sign” the UN anti-explosive “treaty” which is so broad that it could ban kitchen matches from private ownership.

  2. Metulj Says:

    Yawn. We are also signatories of all kinds of these treaties we regularly ignore. Whoopee.

  3. Roger Says:

    I may be in error, but I believe that after a treaty has been signed by a responsible (?) official and signed by the president, it must be
    ratified by the Senate.
    If the Senate does not ratify if, it remains in effect but not implemented. Thus it will be like a sword hanging over our heads, waiting
    for a senate that will view the treaty favorably, and then ratify it. Thus making it the law of the land and in direct conflict with the constitution.
    That question will of course be taken to the supreme court – – – – – – – – – – Guess where that would go?

  4. Anon Says:

    Once a traitor, always a traitor.

  5. Old NFO Says:

    Agree with Roger, he said it better and didn’t use any of the four letter words I would have…

  6. John Locke Says:

    The Senate does not have to ratify a treaty if it is signed by a president. Article II Section II specifies only the Senate by 2/3 vote. It also specifies that “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”” The president and the president’s staff and foreign policy experts
    work together with other countries to draft treaties. Since the Senate has basically said, the ATT was dead upon arrival, john kerry and the president have run afoul of this Article, since they DO NOT have the consent of the Senate.

    Even if ratified, a treaty CANNOT supersede any enumerated right set forth in the Constitution as the Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land. A ratified treaty CANNOT take the place of a Constitutional Convention and rewrite or replace any of the Amendments.

  7. Bob Smith Says:

    John Locke, you said it precisely. Our Constitution can not altered by a treaty. Those that try to do it are enemies of the people.

  8. comatus Says:

    Do take note, though, of the “98% strategy” on arms treaties currently being deployed against Syria. Our administration appears to believe that if most other countries ban something and you do not, you are the rogue state. And now declares us to be one.

  9. Kalashnikat Says:

    I volunteer to throw John Kerry over the White House fence so he can go look for his medals…
    …and if the throw happens to land a little short, like impaling him on the wrought iron pointy tops of the fence?
    I solemnly promise not to cry.

  10. Ron W Says:

    John Locke,

    Right on…this treaty should be NULL and VOID without 2/3 Senate approval.

  11. Metulj Says:


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