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No more help from police

At first, I thought cool:

Back in May, a month after Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed the state’s gun control law, Stag Arms of New Britain came up with a modified design and took it to the state police firearms unit to see whether it would pass muster.

The unit was helpful, even making a design suggestion that would help assure the gun would not be classified as an illegal assault weapon. Stag prepared to make the rifle, a .22-caliber version of the military-style AR-15.

But now, the state popo will no longer answer such questions. It does seem reasonable to ask those who enforce the law whether something complies with it. And, if I was Stag, I’d move.

7 Responses to “No more help from police”

  1. Will Says:

    Police are officers of the court. They have no authority to give a legal opinion. Stag should ask for a request from the State Attorney General.

  2. John Richardson Says:

    It is why Stag is looking seriously at Myrtle Beach, SC as well as locations in Texas.

  3. MrSatyre Says:

    That, and many police officers do not actually understand the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. Can’t say I blame them, mostly, as those laws are typically vague and riddled with legalese.

  4. wfgodbold Says:

    Well, it’s not their fault.

    They’re in the 2nd Circuit, and it’s okay for police departments to choose to hire idiots instead of smarter people.

    They probably can’t even read the new law.

  5. Mac Says:

    Three days from now you’ll cover the two week old story of Stag Visiting sites in SC.

  6. Gunnutmegger Says:

    The Firearms Unit is functioning in a regulatory capacity, rather than in a strictly law-enforcement capacity.

    As such, they need to provide guidance on the laws they enforce.

    This was a political move on the part of Governor stuttering fool (Malloy) and the anti-education AG (Jepsen) to prevent any “loophole” guns from being brought to market.

    These are the same assholes who concocted the scheme to declare the anti-gun law an “emergency measure” to eliminate the need for public hearings and committee reviews (which would have diluted or stalled the law).

  7. rd Says:

    It is hard to pack up and move your company, and your family hundreds or thousands of miles away from your hometown. You are leaving your family, friends, business partners, and a lot of memories behind. But the writing is on the wall in too many states. It is not the politicians, they are only an effect of the idiots that vote. Until they change their ways, it will not get better for Stag Arms or anyone in any business in Conn.

    Good luck to Stag Arms when they move.