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July 31, 2013

Zimmerman resurfaces

In Texas and gets a warning for speeding. Also, he was lawfully carrying a gun. This is apparently newsworthy.

Mad Hatter

At the beach a couple of weeks back, I lost my favorite hat. I’m not that worried since I get free hats all the time. But it was the hat I wore to work. Since I lost it, I started wearing a LuckyGunner hat and interesting things have happened.

My window guy engaged me in a 30 minute conversation on guns after seeing my hat. So did the guy who handles my porta potties and dumpsters. And a customer whose house I went in to deal with some minor issues opened up his gun safe to show me the contents. So, I got invited to shoot a few times and got to handle some pretty cool guns.

Gun people tend to connect.

Speaking of Mayors Against Guns

Paying off their members to keep them from quitting?


The Justice System: Court Staffer Fired for Helping Wrongfully Convicted Man

The latest fake pro gun group of Democrats?

Another group of charlatans. They usually like to gin up a bit before elections and then they disappear. This one disappeared pretty early.

Welcome to the fish bowl

NSA Sucks Up “Nearly Everything” You Do on the Internet and Makes it Conveniently Searchable


You can now hunt with a sound suppressor.

Mayors Against Guns Supports Sexual Harassment?

Well, one of their featured mayors is accused of it. Another illegal mayor in the making.

Live under the laws you pass

Congress weasels butthurt that Obamacare applies to them and their staff. I’m sure Obama can just wave his magic wand and waive that, like he’s done several times already.

Remember when the Republicans were the party of smaller government?

Neither do they. Rand Paul could only get 12 other votes to defund over $1B to Egypt, who isn’t behaving right now.

It’s more important that kids die

Rather than learn gun safety. Or something. Kids handle guns all the time. Kids that are properly trained. Kids who aren’t educated about guns are a danger if they’re ever introduced to guns.

And I love how the ruger 10/22 is an “assault style rifle”, whatever that means.

Third Circuit Upholds New Jersey’s Highly Restrictive Scheme for Gun Carry Licenses

Thoughts over at Volokh’s place

Gun Porn

Silencer ready. I like this trend.

July 30, 2013

We must ban hammers!

Well, I’ve joked about it before. But it looks like Oakland wants to ban hammers, wrenches and probably pointy sticks.

Some tragedies are better than others

Odd to note the gun violence that Mayors Against Guns doesn’t exploit.

That’s embarassing

So, one of our reps doesn’t know how to use a spell checker. And there’s that whole 40% of Tennessee’s state budget comes from the feds thing.

Guns are for white people

So says one Francis Wilkinson, who is trying to point out that gun magazines and the gun industry are racist. Seems she counted the people in gun advertisements in magazines, determined if they were white or black or hispanic or asian and so forth and tallied it up. No word on white hispanics. I’m no advertising expert but my guess is that gun ads probably mimic ads in non gun magazines as well where most ads feature white people because, uhm, most people in the country are white. It’s math.

While guns are for white people, no mention that gun crime is for black people. Mostly against black people too. Odd.

More from Bob

Bought and paid for

That sad moment when you realize you’re astroturf.

The tears of nannies are slightly sweeter than the tears of hippies

Court strikes down Bloomberg’s ban on high capacity sodas.

Warrant? We don’t need no stinking warrant

FBI tells Rand Paul that they don’t need warrants for drone surveillance.

Leonard Embody does what he does

This time, he open carried an AR-15 with a silencer and was arrested for not showing the po-po his tax stamp.

It’s a shame he’s not David Gregory

Because then he could break DC’s gun laws with impunity. But Kokesh is being held without bail for doing the same thing.


Helping bad guys make good decisions.

Gun Porn

H&K squeezy cocker thingy, which I’ve never understood.

American-made striker-fired pistols with double-stack magazines… in 1907

TSRA calendar preview

Pics from range day.

July 29, 2013

Tactical Hot Dog


Via John

It’s what the press does

Not only did the press selectively and negligently edit Zimmerman’s 9/11 call, they may have pulled the same hooey with Juror B29.

In which I sum up both sides of the gay marriage issue in one sentence

You guys are fucking assholes.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.


A call for sacrifice on the altar of derp.

I’m shocked

Gun rights people donate more to pro-gun causes than antis do to anti-rights causes, who mostly sit around and type of irrational facebook posts excoriating a fictitious boogey man.

In my experience

Anything called a “game changer” isn’t. Especially if it’s in the gun biz.