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Guns are for white people

So says one Francis Wilkinson, who is trying to point out that gun magazines and the gun industry are racist. Seems she counted the people in gun advertisements in magazines, determined if they were white or black or hispanic or asian and so forth and tallied it up. No word on white hispanics. I’m no advertising expert but my guess is that gun ads probably mimic ads in non gun magazines as well where most ads feature white people because, uhm, most people in the country are white. It’s math.

While guns are for white people, no mention that gun crime is for black people. Mostly against black people too. Odd.

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4 Responses to “Guns are for white people”

  1. Mark R. Says:

    I responded to the Wilkinson article….

    I picked up a couple of magazines off of the table and ran a tabulation. It is a shocking corollary.

    40 images of people.
    21 white males (including 2 images of Abraham Lincoln)
    13 white females
    0 blacks
    0 Hispanic females
    5 Hispanic males
    0 Orientals
    1 Unknown male

    97 Images of people
    60 white women
    5 white men
    13 black women (8 were actually mannequins)
    0 black men
    0 Hispanics
    1 Oriental woman
    8 oriental men
    18 unknown women

    So, obviously Log Homes magazine, log home buyers or simply logs are racists.

    Even more shocking is that Threads magazine , the fashion industry, and possibly spools of thread are not only racist but sexist also.

    I believe the term is demographics. The people most likely to buy the products.

    The reality of the shooting sports is a dynamic growing and very diversified group of open minded Americans. Come shooting with me and my wife. You might learn something.

  2. Seerak Says:

    The most shocking thing in that article is that the primitive screwhead who wrote it can count, apparently.

  3. Lyle Says:

    The people in my ads are white because they were available, interested and willing. I didn’t go out shopping based on race. The one black guy I’ve gone out shooting with was a university professor, and I didn’t ask him because a; I figured he wouldn’t want his nug our there for his peers to criticize him for, and b; I didn’t think of it at such a time as I wanted a model. Now if I were to think like a modern “liberal” and conclude that I needed to shop race, I don’t think I’d have much trouble finding the “appropriate” rainbow of willing models to satisfy the race-hustling loons. The issue there is; that would never get them to shut up anyway, so why even contemplate it?

    Oleg Volk, being in Tennessee, has had more of a mix over the years, but try that in Idaho and you’ll have to go out of your way;
    “Excuse me; I couldn’t help noticing that you’re of X race, and so I would like to have you do some modeling for my gun accessory company so the libtards (who hate me no matter what) won’t criticize me, and since you’re the first person of X race I’ve seen in a month…”
    Yeah; I’m thinkin’ ixnay on that idea.

  4. mothersmurfer Says:

    Um…was there any mention of the incidence of photos of White Indonesians?