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Challenge to one gun a month

Upheld in NJ because of BB guns

4 Responses to “Challenge to one gun a month”

  1. Veeshir Says:

    The challenge was shot down.

    You cannot buy more than one bb gun a month in NJ.

    The squirrels, tweety birds and cans in NJ breathe a sigh of relief.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Glad I don’t live there. Wish I could help those who do. Too bad the economy sucks so much the good ones can’t just go galt and move out. Starve the beast; maybe it’ll figure things out, but it won’t matter to the good guys anymore.

  3. NJ Resident Says:

    As a NJ Resident. I have finally convinced my wife that living in NJ is not good enough to loose our inalienable rights. We have begun in earnest to look for a new place to live. My job is pretty portable (I travel 50% already) so we are looking at freedom loving states. Any suggestions? 🙂

    BTW, you cannot buy a BB gun in NJ unless you have a NJ Firearms Purchasers ID that is issued by the Chief of Police. To buy a BB/pellet pistol, you need to get an additional handgun permit that is just as onerous as the original ID! My wife has been waiting for her FPID for almost 60 days now. Mine took 30 days years ago.

    Arizona is high on our list.

  4. Phenicks Says:

    NJ Resident
    Look into Missouri. Centralized, low cost of living, and permit valid in most states. Weather can be screwy but nothing like the Northeast.