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A mass shooting

5 shot in Switzerland.

6 Responses to “A mass shooting”

  1. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    The shooting was in Switzerland, not New Zealand.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    this is what happens when you have too many tabs open.

  3. Bob Owens Says:

    From reading the article, it sounds like the suspect used a K31. I thought only assault weapons drove people insane?

  4. Sebastian The Other Says:

    As I noted elsewhere, the salient points: 1) even though he was already adjudicated mentally deficient and the govt took his guns away, he was still armed, so I dunno how you make it illegaler for him to be armed, and 2) he was stopped by–you guessed it–people with guns.

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Gee … a bolt action rifle shooting spree. Ran out of rounds in the magazine.

    Might have gotten six if he had fitted a bayonet.

    If the cop hadn’t shot his ass off, one of his neighbors would have.

  6. Nathan Says:

    The only reason NZ media would run this is because they’re desperate to show a correlation between death and firearms ownership. We have graduated licensing in NZ, but we don’t have any bans on semi-autos and that’s what they want. They want a actually “NO, YOU CANNOT HAVE THIS THING” law.

    They reported on another one in Aurora, CO a couple days ago. Different crime, no connection, different behavior all together, but they just couldn’t resist pointing the finger at guns and fear-mongering. Sad sacks of shit run the media here. Same as everywhere, I guess.