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I knew it!

A chart that pretty much tells you what’s wrong with charts.

3 Responses to “I knew it!”

  1. teke Says:

    That’s Funny.

    Having a child on the Autism Spectrum, and a Co-worker with an Autistic child. One common trend for families with Autistic children is to change their diet. Some not all, according to parents, have benefited from an organic diet. Some go as far as Gluten free.

  2. BioBob Says:

    There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the chart at all. Data is just data.

    What’s wrong are any conclusions drawn by inference. Do they still teach logic to our young-uns i wonder?

    Repeat until understanding dawns – correlation does not equal causation.

  3. EMP Says:

    What’s funny is the autism diagnoses accelerate slightly before the organic food sales do. So Whole Foods didn’t cause autism; autistic individuals are causing an increase in organic-only hipsters.

    Someone get Jesse Ventura to investigate this.