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Keep calm and carry on(e)

I’m glad my post here is making the rounds. People do need to get on the horn, write, email, call or carrier pigeon their representatives. Especially if you’ve bought a gun since 2004. As I said:

If everyone who bought an AR-15 magazine since 2004 wrote their congresscritter and told them to not support any restrictions on gun rights, no bill would see the light of day. So, get on it.

Write both your senators and your rep. Write your state senators and reps. Don’t just sit there.

Also, little things you can do.

5 Responses to “Keep calm and carry on(e)”

  1. ben Says:

    Worth doing if you live in a blue state like CA or WA?

  2. y0te Says:


  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Maybe it won’t help, just let them know you’re watching them.

  4. DaveR Says:

    Why would you assume that the number of magazines sold is any representation of the number of people doing the buying?

  5. rick Says:

    I think for me it would be a waste of my time. My senators are Boxer and Feinstein. My congress critter is Janice Hahn – after the new bunch is sworn in, it’ll be (shudder) Maxine Waters. I’ve gotta get out of this state.