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Since this happens every year or so, let’s do it again

Every so often, a paper decides that, to gin up some page views of its declining website, to publish the names and addresses of people with gun permits. This time, it happened in NY at The Journal News.

And, as always happens, here’s some sauce for the goose publishing addresses and contact info of folks who work at the paper. Also, why does one of the reporters there have a NYC pistol permit? Those are hard to get.

Also, I think running employee’s names through various other searchable databases might be fruitful. You could, after all, find out who is delinquent on taxes, is on a sex-offender registry, how much they sold their homes for, and any divorce or bankruptcy proceedings. Just a thought for someone with more time than I’ve currently got.

3 Responses to “Since this happens every year or so, let’s do it again”

  1. Dave Says:

    Looks like Worley has been removed, since he no longer appears on the interactive map here:

  2. Sid Says:

    I wonder if they have ever read the OT Book of Esther?

  3. milquetoast Says:

    I don’t think Worley was on the map in the first place. I looked for his spot on the map on the 24th (the day after they published) and it wasn’t there. I think they included the mention of him & his pistol in editor’s note so they would not feel it wasn’t necessary to put the address up of one of their own.

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