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Don’t look, it might burn your eyeballs

A 650 lumen tactical flashlight from Terralux

4 Responses to “Don’t look, it might burn your eyeballs”

  1. P. Allen Says:

    Looks like its the same light as the Klarus XT11

  2. greg Says:

    Dorcy has a 619 lumen light for $71. Runs on AA batteries.

  3. SteveA Says:

    I am addicted to flashlights, I have over 100. 🙂
    That said, the best flashlight I have ever bought was an ElZetta zfl-m60. A little expensive but when you absolutley need a flashlight you can depend on 100% it can’t be beat. Need a waterproof flashlight? You can disassemble the darn thing underwater and it still works!
    I must show this light to at least a dozen people a day. I need to contact them about a sales job!

  4. JMosesB Says:

    Streamlight ProTac HL. 600 lumens for $65