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June 30, 2012

Libertarian Fonzie v. Hacks

So, I caught Nick Gillespie on Bill Maher’s show. The Libertarian Fonzie (forgot who started calling him that but it makes me laugh) apparently became an internet meme so I made one:

It’s pretty funny to me. He got Maher and Maddow to admit that, basically, they are hacks. The supposedly crazy radical libertarian was the one who sounded reasonable as both Maher and Maddow shouted him down a few times. The reaction from some of the lefties amused me as they think Maddow owned Gillespie. Right. I dunno why I see this in lefties more but they have this tendency to make up their oppositions opinions then bash the made up ones.

You can watch the whole thing here.

June 29, 2012


This pic hangs above my desk in the office:

It just cracks me up. Not sure why I like the T-Rex stuff but I do. Things could be worse. And one more, after the jump:

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Facebook employees go shooting with some ARs.


I’ve seen this Kamado Kooker pop up everywhere. It’s $300. The reviews say that it’s a good grill. Compared to a Primo at $1,200 or the Big Green Egg (which is a pain in the ass to buy), seems like a good deal. I have a Primo and love it. But sometimes, I need more room. Anyone try one of those out?

Holder on contempt

He issued a statement. Blames Bush.

In Rand Paul news

A look at how he delays and stops legislation with riders. He could just place a secret hold on every bill that comes through.

Says Obamacare still unconstitutional.

The friendly skies

Texas college hacks a DHS drone for less than $1,000. Don’t you feel safe?

Chief Justice Roberts Is A Genius

Yup. Read it all.

I agree

Lindsey Bertomen:

Crimson Trace seems to be doing a fantastic job keeping up with the current firearms trends. This is a good thing. Quite frankly, law enforcement handguns should be equipped with a Crimson Trace laser by default with non-laser users having to justify not using the product. Itís not that Iím trying to sell Crimson Trace products here, although I am unabashed about it.


McDowell County, WV, population 22K, has a police force that went out and got 5 hummers, 1 mobile command center, 1 forklift, 3 ATV’s, generators, radios, and other miscellaneous equipment.

History of beer

A happy accident. And beer started in Iraq?


Posted this a bit back:

look, doofi

Well, you can buy them here.

That’s a lot of kool-aid

Smith and Wesson has a record quarter and record year

Deal Alert

500 free movies online

And how many divisions does the House have . . .

Personally, I don’t think a thing will happen. But other people are talking about the effects of this contempt vote.

David Hardy says they could arrest and try him. Doubt it will happen for appearance sake and because Republicans have no balls.

Grassley statement on contempt. Full of sound and fury . . .

Hot stuff

Yesterday, on the drive home, the car pegged the temperature at 104. Today, at 8am, it was already 84.

Gun Porn

A set

Cool photo of Russian prototypes.



June 28, 2012


Eric Holder in contempt. Now, go arrest yourself.


Watching the House chamber on CSPAN, I’m struck by how stupid their process for voting on things is.

Holder Contempt Vote

Happening soon. Pelosi says Democrats will walk out. Remember, NRA is scoring this vote you guys in pro-gun districts.

And what will happen if he’s held in contempt? I’m betting nothing.

Obamacare stands, market reacts

That’s my guess.

Also, seems it was more politically advantageous to Obama for it to be struck down. If I were conspiratorially minded (and I am), I wonder if Roberts just handed the election to folks with Rs after their name. As Mu said: Weirdest decision in years, 4 say you can, 4 say you canít, and Roberts says you can, but not because of what you think but because of what I think. Itís one opinion with 8 dissenters.

Of course, Roberts also says it’s not the court’s job to save us from ourselves.

First with something, anything

Apparently, both CNN and Fox flubbed reporting Obamacare and said it was ruled unconstitutional early on. The news folks I know are discussing this and the pressure to get it first. I don’t watch Fox or CNN so I didn’t notice.


Like the scout motto

Unless you’re humping through Cambodia with John Kerry, I doubt you need to think like that. Bonus: Hysterical image.


Wired looks at the proliferation of military arms by police:

In Lebanon, Tennessee, a town of less than 30,000 people, Mike Justice, the public safety coordinator, was so eager to accumulate military goods that he used to wake up at 3:00 a.m. so he was the first person logged in at the governmentís first-come, first-serve online store. Thanks to his sleepless nights, since 2007, Lebanon has collected $4 million worth of stuff, including tanks, weapons and heavy equipment like bulldozers and truck loaders. Lebanonís tank, an LAV 150, has been used only ďfive or six times,Ē according to Justice. Although it did help save a man who tried to commit suicide, spotting him with the tankís infrared camera.

Government at work

Forget the pool lift, now the government is mandating the the maximum slope for putt-putt holes and says you must allow horses in your business as service animals.

Also, the ADA has rules for shooting ranges: Shooting facilities Ė provision of accessible turning space ďfor each different type of firing position.Ē

First rule of a gun fight

Have a gun: French equivalent of the secret service forgot to pack their guns for a summit.

It’s like that movie Footloose

Someone wants you to know that a Republican running for office plays in a rock band.

Things I didn’t know they made

Wheelchair CQC holster from Brownells

It’s only a model

Turns out when you go measure the ice shelves, they’re not melting.


Woot daily deal in Nashville: deal on range membership.