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And how many divisions does the House have . . .

Personally, I don’t think a thing will happen. But other people are talking about the effects of this contempt vote.

David Hardy says they could arrest and try him. Doubt it will happen for appearance sake and because Republicans have no balls.

Grassley statement on contempt. Full of sound and fury . . .

5 Responses to “And how many divisions does the House have . . .”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Speaking of being Ballless, I was delighted to know that of the 2 Republicans who voted to NOT hold Eric in Contempt, one of them is Steven LaTourette. He just happens to be Breda’s and Mine CongressCritter.

    Guess which Democratic Congressional Candidate for his seat gets another Vote this year.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    After his defeat, make sure you send him a letter explaining why he lost your vote.

    I mean, once you’ve got the knife in, twist it a little…

  3. Todd S Says:

    There will be no arrest. It didn’t happen with Harriet Miers and it won’t happen here.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    Todd S, you mean that once again, the R’s have expended a bunch of ammo for no good result?

    I mean Holder’s in contempt all right. Civil and criminal. Big whoopo. Nobody to arrest him, nobody to try him.

    And he still doesn’t have to cough up the documents.

  5. aeronathan Says:

    As I understand it they can also levy fines, the collection of which can be enforced by appropriate order with banks and other financial institutions. Wonder how long it would take for Holder to comply if they start draining his bank account?