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1791 Apparel Review

Caleb shows off his JMB shirt from 1791 Apparel.

I have their AR sight picture shirt. I really like the shirt. It looks good and is comfortable. Also, it’s quite handy to wear to the range when teaching new shooters how to shoot your AR. Some newbies don’t understand the concept of sight picture and having a picture of one on you is really helpful in getting them to do it properly.

5 Responses to “1791 Apparel Review”

  1. HL Says:

    I wore that shirt to Knob Creek last April, and as you might imagine, got a lot of VERY approving looks and comments.

    One guy mentioned that he probably needed to change his password.

  2. DaddyBear Says:

    I have one of their shirts. Good shirt, comfortable, neat 1911 muzzle picture. Just wish it was in something other than OD green.

  3. Critter Says:

    i’m getting the mauser muzzle one. it’s just obscure enough that not every one will get it.

  4. Wing and A Whim Says:

    They’re good shirts, though when I was running flat-out trying get things done on a hot and muggy day, I found myself wishing they were thinner, cheaper, and lower-quality, so I wouldn’t sweat as much. If you’re not working in a non-climate-controlled area, or you aren’t an Alaskan transplanted to the South, they’re great.

  5. mariner Says:

    I don’t think I’ll be wearing that one.

    I can’t get all happy about having my chest at the top of the front sight post.