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Obviously, compensating for the size of her penis

You go girl:

A woman who had just finished doing overnight work in a Landrum business on Saturday was assaulted by two men, but ended up turning the tables on them when she pulled out a gun and shot at them.

No confirmation she hit them, though.

4 Responses to “Obviously, compensating for the size of her penis”

  1. SGB Says:

    Good for her

  2. Phelps Says:

    Also, the story goes out of its way to avoid reporting the ethnicity of the attackers. They’ll report what they were wearing (including OMG A HOODIE!) but they won’t give the single most identifying feature of them.

    Which really tells us anyways, just like when they won’t report the party affiliation of a disgraced politician.

  3. RWC Says:

    Also worth noting that this happened less than a block from the police station.

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Let’s count how many holes this pokes in anti-gun/self-defense positions.

    A 41 year old woman, alone, with no help nearby or chance to call 911…

    -initially complied with the robbers, letting them take what they want. Yet they don’t take the car and jewelry and go on their way they want “more” and try to force her inside to get it.

    – was losing the struggle against the two men until she remembered the gun

    – managed to get the gun out during the struggle and managed to retain it against two men

    – not only wasn’t it “just taken away and used against her”, she managed to fire it while in hand-to-hand combat with two men

    – firing it, even with no one hit, -immediately- ended the assault and caused the crooks to flee without achieving either the robbery or the likely rape

    Absent the gun that story ends very differently, and -none- of the “what if’s” of the anti-gun/self-defense crowd happened.